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    Romantic Escape

    Walking through the forest of our beautiful Croatian Zagorje, hidden behind the hills and trees, where medieval castles have lay for centuries, is a unique experience. Baroque in Croatian Zagorje region was marked by the construction of castles, villas and manors. This tradition continued well through the XIX century.


    We will show you some of the most beautiful castles and sleeping beauties that have started to awake on the threshold of the new millennium.  The fairy tale is about to begin.

    Trip details

    DAY 1

    Castle Bežanec was built in the 17th century and renovated in the 19th in the spirit of classicism. During the past the castle was owned by a number of noble families - Keglević, Kollenbach, Schlaum-linden and the Ottenfels-Geschwind. There is a legend related to Josipa Ottenfels who lived in the castle from 1842 to 1885. On her way from Istanbul, gypsies prophesied that she would live for as long as the castle was under construction. Because of that scaffolding was always around the castle. After arrival we suggest exploring the castle Bežanec and enjoy walking through the amazing park, full of trees planted in the 19th century like ginko, lime and plane trees. In the castle’s nicely decorated restaurant you can try some of local specialties and taste one of 500 different wines.

    DAY 2

    Historians claim that the Grimm brothers, who spoke perfect Croatian, in their tale sleeping beauty used as a template the neo-gothic castle Trakošćan. Live your fairy tale viewing hunting hall, a library of 18th and 19th  century, the knight's hall full of weapons from Drašković family, who were the last owners of the castle, and the room of Juliana Erdödy Drašković, the first academically educated women painter in croatia, in which you will find all that surrounded her in her work and everyday life; painting stand, piano, and her portrait by J. Tilla. You'll be amazed by the beautiful forest park which is located around the castle and by the smells of the variety of plants. In the forest park there’s a large lake which is frozen in winter for up to 3 months. Walking through the gardens you will find the chapel built in 1754 and dedicated to st. Križ, donated by Suzana Malatinski, wife of Josip Kazimir Drašković. If you've always wanted a fairytale wedding, this dream can come true in this chapel known for Trakošćan weddings. A place in nature where you can relax and enjoy fresh air is definitely “Vuglec breg”. Located in the picturesque village of Škarićevo, Vuglec breg takes care of traditional values so you will have opportunity to experience homemade bread, old recipes of “grandmother’s kitchen” within an original interior in the traditional Zagorje style: open fire place and terrace with the straw roof. With a drop of homemade wine it will make this experience complete while your kids can enjoy riding ponies.


    DAY 3

    The Legend of Veronika Desinić is a centuries old legend of the passionate but forbidden love between a noblemen Frederick, son of the powerful lords of Count Herman II Celjski, and Veronika, a beautiful girl who lived at the foot of Veliki Tabor. Frederick escapes with Veronika to Fridrihštajn near Kočevja to get married in secret. Count Herman sent an army after them; Frederick was thrown into prison and Veronica was drowned within the walls of Veliki Tabor. In 1982, while cleaning the Castle, a scull of a woman was found. Does this scull belong to the poor Veronika? We cannot be sure. This, and many other legends of Veliki Tabor, You will hear while looking around this great castle that is among historical monuments of utmost category according to UNESCO classification.

    For lunch we suggest “Grešna gorica” literally translated “wicked hill”. The name comes from a legend of Veronika Desinić. “Grešna gorica” offers a true peasant Zagorje scenery, where you'll feel that you’re in the heart of the romantic, turbulent history of Croatian Zagorje. You will enjoy delicious food from local cuisine and be able to taste local wines. Centuries-old oak forest, the smell of meadows and playful deer that grazes freely on the hills will make your stay pleasant and relaxing. Your children can have fun in an area designed just for them.

    For the brave ones we have a new challenge... Flying in a hot air balloon, this will give you a real boost of adrenaline and a new dimension to Croatian Zagorje. If you’re brave enough you can even propose to your better half, we will take care of the champagne and all the other decorations.

    DAY 4

    After a long sleep and good breakfast our driver will take You to the airport.

    Bon Voyage!

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    Centuries-old oak forest, the smell of meadows and playful deer that grazes freely on the hills will make your stay pleasant and relaxing

    — Croatia & More Team